Things I Love Thursday, vol. 24

Free Karl shirt – from my favorite episode of Workaholics

I’m 24

My dog: the paradox

Musician Portraits Made of Their Own CDs (via Caitlin)

Shirt Happens: Rock Stars Wearing Their Own Merch

Breakfast Commuters” by Logan Fitzpatrick

Dog portraits

The Breaking Bad Drinking Game (via Nova)

Bright 60’s kitchen cabinets

Holy shit. Want. Need. Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies (via Oh So Lovely Vintage)

Wrap Battle” by Gemma Correll

Dub your cassette collection onto an iPhone

The nicest place on the internet for when you’re having a bad day

My friend Lamar showed me this ridiculous video of the best worst movie death scene ever

Gathering of the Juggalos 2012 fan photos because I’m kind of fascinated by all things ICP

I learned a new word from the Coquette

The absurdity of collective animal nouns (via Nova)

Breaking Ned: A Walter White & Ned Flanders Mashup Series

I pretty much always love a Nirvana cover. This one by Best Coast is pretty rad.

Cormac McCarthy Pictionary

Hits From the Bong: The 30 Most Commercially Successful Pot Songs

@FoodPorn_ my new favorite Twitter account (Thank you, Colin)

Maven of Meth: the real life chemist behind Breaking Bad (via Nova)

Minimalist series of geometric dog prints by Josh Brill

Thanks to Colin (and Trader Joe’s), I’ve gotten really into cookie butter lately. This shit is DELICIOUS.

Child’s Own Studio – custom toys based on children’s drawings

Created Equal photo series (via Caitlin)


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