Things I Love Thursday, vol. 23

Kaylah’s foggy cemetery photos

Great literary drinkers shot glass set

TY: a window into my childhood. So great. I had a pretty ridiculous collection of Beanie Babies…I really wish I could have done a tribute to them like this before they all got donated.

8 Fairy Tales and Their Not-So-Happy Endings

A Brief Photo Survey of Abandoned Video Stores

Do nothing for 2 minutes — thinking about setting this as my homepage…it’d be a good habit to meditate for 2 minutes every day (via The Color Issue)

Library sex, college virgins, and dicks like Tinkerbell – gotta love Rabbit

Nail Art, the Last Bastion of Female-Centric Beauty – I don’t give a shit about nail art, but this is kind of interesting.

This rare interview with Coke Talk – did you know she’s my hero?

Lady Corgi watercolor by Brianna Ashby

Books give you a better perspective on life (thanks Colin)

The Sandlot: Where Are They Now

I really like these absurdly 90s leggings at Modcloth

Calligraphuck (via The Coquette)

Thoughts I Had While Washing the Dishes made me laugh.

The Serious Eats Guide to Sandwiches

Elizabeth’s free Roseanne printable

Raw peach pie sounds delicious

Hipster Wizard of Oz

Advice on writing from The Coquette

Librarian tattoos

This Salvador Dali watch

I think I might have posted these before, but I really want these inanimate character stickers

10 Really Bad Movies That Define “Bad Movies” Troll 2 didn’t make the cut?! I probably need to watch all of these though.

And, because I can’t resist, also this mental_floss article about The Remarkable Success of the Worst Movie Ever

Removie posters: film posters reimagined with one letter missing

Pop culture Virgin Mary statues – these are great

This mermaid pocket knife (via Hannah)

Can’t wait to make this pumpkin spice breakfast shake

This interview with Sarah Wu, author of Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project

Cats That Look Like Hitler – the internet never lets me down.

Chucks & Bucks: An Oral History of the Coolest Shoes on Earth


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday, vol. 23

  1. Thanks for linking to me! You are too sweet. Also I’m so excited that “Manos” was in that 10 Really Bad Movies link because…well, MANOS. Finally, at my dad’s house I have a TOY CHEST full of Beanie Babies.

    • yeah I had an embarrassingly large collection of beanie babies that I didn’t get rid of until about a year ago. I hadn’t heard of Manos but I’m filing away all the movies on that list for a rainy day.

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