the Indiana State Fair

The Indiana State Fair is pretty much exactly the same as the Ohio State Fair, so of course I had to go. Who doesn’t love fried food, carnival rides, barnyard animals, and people watching?

Our first stop was the apple cider slush/corn on the cob booth. A weird combination, but both were delicious.

Colin made a bee-line for the deep fried oreos. You might remember when I fell in love with these last summer at the Granville Street Fair, and they were just as epic this time around, except I did miss the buffet of sauces and sugar toppings.

I wanted to buy all of these homemade butters. Colin got some of the pumpkin butter, but we were disappointed to find out it didn’t really taste that pumpkin-y.

I really wanted to ride one of these tractor trolley things, but by the time we were leaving they all shut down because it had started to storm.

I didn’t mean to cut off Gretchen’s head, I was just excited about the pineapple whip. Holy shit – SO delicious and refreshing. I think I could eat one of these every day and not get tired of them.

We went in to the donkey barn and at first I thought they were ridiculously cute, and then I started to feel sorry for them because they all seemed extremely morose and depressed, but then I got kind of pissed when one of them hee-hawed at me when I was trying to make cutesy “hello little animal” noises at it. OKAY, EEYORE. Grumpy much? Forget you guys, you smell anyway.

When we stumbled across a grilled cheese food truck, of course we had to try it. The Big Cheeze hails from Bloomington, Indiana, which is a damn shame because they are freaking awesome and would be about the clutchest thing EVER when I’m wasted. Their slogan: “It ain’t easy bein cheesy!” Love it.

I got the “Mac Daddy” which is a grilled cheese with mac and cheese in the middle. I wouldn’t say it was “the best sandwich in the world,” but it was definitely tasty. Bonus: the guy serving the grilled cheeses was hot. Big Cheeze State Fair worker: if you’re reading this, I think I’ve found your soul mate….her name is Gretchen.

Okay. Deep fried treats. I get that. But deep fried butter?! Since when is butter a treat? And how exactly do they even do that? And WHO IS EATING THIS SHIT? I mean seriously. I know that a deep fried Snickers bar is pretty extreme, but deep fried butter is taking it TOO FAR.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to ride any carnival rides, but I still enjoyed our trip to the fair. A Midway wristband is definitely on my summer to-do list for next year.


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