Things I Love Thursday, vol. 21

This is completely and utterly insane, but I can’t help but be intrigued by it: Self-portraits done to a different drug every day (45 days)

This photoset taken at The Ridges in Athens, Ohio

These yogurt popsicles look pretty delish. I really need to make use of my popsicle molds before summer is over.

The Coquette: On heroic melancholy

Whaaaaaaaaaaat ICP

The best thing about being a kid

These owl contact cases are so cute

Male escort services are on the rise

1960’s movie posters

Dog shaming (Thanks Colin)

Photos of Worcester State Hospital (via Nova)

9 Lists to Keep Updated, and Keep Handy I have a mini moleskine list-keeper, too (via Caitlin)

A Poem For Bob Dog by my friend NSS1

10 My Little Pony mashups

Mehmet Ozgur Smoke Art

The Coquette’s first book is coming out soon – add this to my wish list

The best brownie recipes on the web (via The Color Issue)

Kaylah and Elycia’s nighttime sparkler pictures

This white rabbit ring and bow necklace (via Cupkay)

Aarean’s Yangyang Pan color palettes

DIY Laffy Taffy lollipops

I’m ready for a new Wavves album, and I’m more than okay with it sounding like some old school Weezer

I want this Workaholics t-shirt


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