The Book Loft in Columbus, Ohio

So, I’ve been having a passionate love affair with books ever since I bought my first Goosebumps at the school book fair in second grade. I used to get inappropriately excited about the monthly book order, and I remember bugging my parents incessantly to drive me to the mall so I could go to the teeny tiny Walden Books and buy the newest Animorphs book. What can I say? I was a huge nerd. Still am, actually.

When I went to Columbus for ComFest at the end of June, my friend Jason took me and Gretchen to The Book Loft in German Village, and it. was. awesome. I think anyone with a shred of coolness in their soul would appreciate a book store like this — it has 32 rooms and is one of the biggest independently owned bookstores in the country, housed in three pre-Civil War era buildings that used to be a general store, a saloon, and a nickelodeon cinema.

The building has an adorable garden/patio area where people mingle and talk with the shop owners about literature. They even have books on display outside. And not only do they sell bargain books, but they ALSO have the largest selection of jigsaw puzzles in the Midwest! BONUS.

The puzzles and posters room. I actually hate jigsaw puzzles, but my mom loves them so this room was a jackpot because I ended up buying her a puzzle for her birthday.

The shop is made up of winding hallways and narrow staircases that connect the 32 different rooms. It’s seriously a rabbit hole for book lovers, and not recommended to venture far if you’re severely claustrophobic. I’m pretty sure we went in every single room, too.

I think Jason started to get annoyed toward the end because we just kept stumbling into more rooms, and I couldn’t manage to pull myself away even though we spent over an hour in there.

In addition to the puzzle for my mom, I bought a super discounted paperback copy of Holidays On Ice by David Sedaris and a biography called Ball Of Fire: The Tumultous Life and Comic Art of Lucille Ball. I’m a sucker for cheap books.

If you’re ever in Columbus, Ohio and you love books as much as I do, I highly recommend swinging by The Book Loft (and be sure to print one of their anytime 10% off coupons to take with you!). It’s a real gem that I can’t believe I didn’t even know existed before.


3 thoughts on “The Book Loft in Columbus, Ohio

  1. Oh, wow! That looks like paradise! I showed it to my husband and we decided to go there next weekend! I can’t wait! Thank you so much for the review!

  2. Rooms and rooms of books? SOUNDS AMAZING.

    The first paragraph of this post sound so much like me. We’ve talked a lot about incorporating Animorphs into Snark Squad, eventually, because I was a big fan back in the day. :)


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