Things I Love Thursday, vol. 20

Lollapalooza 2012: The 48 Sets You Can Watch Via Webcast – this makes me wish I had a big screen TV so I could have a Lolla party

13 Creative Hot Dog Recipes (via Oh So Lovely Vintage)

Brrr…ger hat & scarf

Amazing Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

Vintage cookie jars

25 Outrageous Fashion Ads From the 1970s (via Caitlin)

Bikers Against Child Abuse make abuse victims feel safe — my friend Jessie posted this on Facebook and it’s really, really awesome

The Happiest Workout On Earth — my mom totally used to have Sweatin’ to the Oldies, vol. 2 on VHS and I used to do the workout with her and my aunt when I was really little. This article is great.

Delicious-looking healthy recipes from Pinterest

Brilliant Colored Pencil Portraits of Your Favorite Fictional Families

A Short History of Muppet Activism: Gay Marriage, Anti-Bullying and More

The Uncannily Accurate Depiction of the Meth Trade in “Breaking Bad”

40 Awesome Tributes to Breaking Bad

@guymessages – REAL messages from guys on dating sites/craiglist. This one is truly a gem. (Thanks Colin)

25 Incredibly Detailed Black and White Portraits of the Homeless by Lee Jeffries (via Caitlin)

One of my best friend’s boyfriend is in this band called Husbands and Wives and they just released their first album. Go listen to it!!

Author Quote Posters — I’ll take one of each of these. Want. NEED.

If you guys have ever read my blog, you probably know that Nova is one of my blog heros. What you might not know is that her sister, Lyndon Lane, is also an amazing photographer whose work I gush over on Tumblr on a regular basis

This drawing of Edgar Allan Poe and the subsequent Reddit comments

Capturing Memories with Mark Ulriksen (via today in my teenage angst)

Book sheets (Thanks Colin)

Fruity Tabbouleh — add this to the constantly growing list of recipes I want to try but probably never will

Every Harry Potter Chapter Illustration Collected In One Lovely Poster

I really, really, really want this dress (via The Dainty Squid)

Disasterland: Artist Reimagines Disney Heros As Debauched Rock Fans – this is such a great idea. You can see more awesome images here. The second Bambi canvas (not the first one!) is hilarious.

Text Message Decoder. Jenna Marbles nails it again

A Disturbingly Accurate Portrayal of What Happens Every Time ‘That Gotye Song’ Starts Playing In the Car (via Caitlin) — truth, right?

An Open Letter to Rick Santorum, From My Vagina

Fizzy Watermelon Pink Lemonade recipe — definitely making this sometime.

Vintage Mid Century Atomic Snakeskin Tiki Bar — I’d love to swap our kitchen table for a bar. This one’s a little small and a lot expensive, but it’s still really cute. (via Oh So Lovely Vintage)

Jenn’s circus pug fabric — I need someone to make me a dress out of this, please

The Beets Killer Tofu Tour ’96 — Gretchen’s brother, Greg, came to visit a couple weeks ago and he was wearing this t-shirt. I want one.

Alice in Wonderland “We’re All Mad Here” decal

The Singles Special — if you haven’t noticed yet, I love EVERYTHING that MacKenzie posts over at Grilled Cheese Social. It’s the best blog ever. This gluttonous breakup sandwich looks like something I would house in a second even if I weren’t wallowing in post-relationship self loathing, and I also like that MacKenzie got a little real with this post for the first time since I started following her blog. Relationships come and go, but grilled cheese never falters.

Elizabeth’s peach cobbler looks delicious. I might need to try this recipe before summer ends

This multi-compartment stackable lunchbox by RICE

Cooking Ahead: A Peek Inside Amy’s Kitchen – I need to start doing this if I’m ever going to lose weight


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