Christmas in July

Thanks to Alyx, Daryl, and Cecilia for hosting the Christmas in July blogger gift exchange. Who wouldn’t jump on an excuse to celebrate Christmas twice in one year?

Gretchen and I actually talked about having a Half-Christmas party this year, which I think is a brilliant idea, but it just wouldn’t be right without Christmas Ale. It makes me really wish I lived closer to Cleveland, because they are all over Christmas in July up there. Last year we went to Melt and got their usually winter seasonal mac and cheese melt, but the Christmas Ale was harder to come by…Clevelanders really love their Great Lakes, and everywhere we went was sold out of Christmas Ale already, so we had to settle for getting drunk on some other brewery’s Christmas seasonal at Eddy & Iggy’s. Missing Cleveland makes me feel weird.

This is all I want for Christmas. Ever.

For the Christmas in July blog celebration I swapped gifts with Laura over at A Day in the Life, who sent me this scarf and necklace and earring set:

Thanks Laura! I hope you enjoyed your gifts too.

You can head over to Alyx’s blog to see the linkup of all the other Christmas in July posts.


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