SNACK ATTACK: Baked Egg Cups

Artwork by Erin Flynn

If you don’t own a set of ramekins, you need to fix that asap. I pretty much bought mine just so that I could make baked eggs after seeing this recipe on HelloGiggles, but I’m looking forward to trying them with some other delicious recipes too. I got my set of 4 porcelain ramekins at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $7.99 – they’re microwave and dishwasher safe and all around awesome.

For this snack you will need:

  • Ramekins
  • Eggs
  • Tomato
  • Fresh spinach
  • Shredded cheese
  • Bacon bits
  • Butter
  • Fresh ground pepper

1. Pre-heat the oven to 375°

2. Butter the inside of the ramekins

3. Place a tomato slice in the bottom of each ramekin

4. Shred a few spinach leaves on top of the tomatoes

5. Crack an egg over the veggies

6. Sprinkle pepper and a small pat of butter on top of the egg

7. Get distracted and make a Bloody Mary. Snap back to reality when the oven pre-heat beeps.

8. Sprinkle your favorite cheese on top of the egg (I used shredded sharp cheddar for one and feta crumbles for the other)

9. Sprinkle bacon bits on top

10. Place the ramekins directly on the top oven rack and bake for 12 minutes. Enjoy your Bloody Mary while you wait.

The great thing about this recipe is it’s really easy, and you can use whatever ingredients you want. You can use any kind of cheese or get creative with spices for different flavors, and you can cook them longer or scramble the egg first if you’re not into runny yolk.

11. Serve with toast to sop up the cheesy eggy buttery goodness.


3 thoughts on “SNACK ATTACK: Baked Egg Cups


    So delicious sounding/looking. I also love that you include distractions while cooking because that is exactly how I make anything. ;)

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