Sunday confessions: Guilty food pleasures edition

I already confessed that I sometimes eat pickles and shredded cheese for a snack, but I thought I’d share a couple other guilty food pleasures this week.

I’m obsessed with Taco Bell. I’m not really huge on fast food in general — I hate McDonald’s and Burger King and refuse to eat at either (I’ll make a RARE exception for breakfast, but ONLY breakfast) and I avoid White Castle and Rally’s like the plague. I do have a soft spot for Wendy’s, but my real fast food mistress is Taco Bell. Forever and ever, amen. As terrible and disgusting as I know it may seem to some, I will never swear off Taco Bell. Beyond being my favorite fast food place, if you ask me when I’m anything less than sober, I’ll probably tell you that the Cheesy Gordita Crunch is one of my favorite foods of all time. When I’m drunk, it’s like a little piece of heaven in a greasy wax wrapper. And even when I’m sober it’s pretty damn good.

I like beef jerky. Um, yeah. It’s salted meat. It’s probably just about the unhealthiest thing in the entire world, except for maybe bacon which is salted fat, but I can’t help it: it’s so fucking tasty and addicting. I like salt. And I like beef. And I doubt I will ever give up the deliciously terrible salty goodness of beef jerky. I am not proud of this.

This is Jason Mecier creating a mosaic of Sasquatch out of beef jerky. Beef jerky’s not all bad, okay?

Speaking of salted meat, I also love bacon. A lot. Again, I know it’s bad, but I just don’t care. It’s so good. On everything. My roommate is mostly vegetarian and even she loves bacon — she calls herself a baconarian. She likes bacon so much that she bought these bacon placemats for our dining room.

I’m kind of addicted to Tostitos salsa con queso. I know a lot of people that won’t eat any kind of processed cheese-stuff like that, and I totally get it. It’s pretty gross, especially if you think about it too hard. But I think it’s freakin delicious, and I honestly can’t get enough of it. Gretchen and I buy it a lot to mix with salsa, and I also like to buy soft pretzels and dip them in it. The worst part of this confession is that I actually prefer to eat it cold, which I know is extremely weird and gross, but I still do it.

I like cheap beer. Don’t get me wrong — I like expensive beer, too, but sometimes nothing hits the spot like an ice cold Bud Light or PBR. Gretchen and I had an odd obsession with PBR in college, and I’m always a little excited when I go to a bar that is divey enough to actually serve PBR tall boys. More bang for your buck, and I’m not above it. I do love craft beers, but I’d also never turn down Bud or Miller. I will not drink Natty or Beast, though — I do have some standards.

If you feel like confessing, don’t forget to link up with Alyx.

5 thoughts on “Sunday confessions: Guilty food pleasures edition

  1. I am totally with you on the Taco Bell. I don’t eat much fast food beyond that, but man…I’ll never quit Taco Bell. I like that salsa con queso too! Even if it’s not real cheese….

  2. I’ve never eaten at Taco Bell or try beef jerky, Tostitos or beer but I do like bacon when it’s cooked really well but only for breakfast. I think they’re just too salty but I think it’s okay to like them.

    hope you have great day.

  3. I have seen beef jerky at the supermarket and I always wondered if people really eat that. Haha. But now I know that they even make art out of it. I have never seen anything like that in Germany!
    It is so cool that your grandma is from Germany! Do you know what part of Germany?
    I follow your blog for a while now but I guess I never left a comment. So: hi! I am your follower!

  4. Ummm I could never live without taco bell. Okay, I did while we were in Germany, but I think I dreamed about it at one point, so I don’t know how much longer I could have survived without that cheesy, beefy goodness.
    And beef jerky. Yum.
    And bacon. Yum.
    I realize now that these are all things I lived without while I was in Germany, and have been eating like crazy since coming home.
    Thanks for linking up.

  5. lol I too am obsessed with Taco Bell. I worked there for six years, and I still can’t get enough of their delicious food. Something about it just makes it so perfect. lol

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