SNACK ATTACK: Recipes For Lazy People


This is the beginning of a new series here at Dressed to Chill. I can’t say how often these posts will happen, but I have a few recipes stashed away that I plan to feature on SNACK ATTACK. As you’ll notice, the tagline to this series is “Recipes for lazy people” — the idea is to share some of my favorite easy recipes for those of you who are slothlike and culinarily challenged, just like me.

As you may or may not know, I’m really terrible at cooking, but I’m really, really good at eating. I love food. Like, a lot. Like, probably more than is healthy or appropriate. I spend a significant amount of time every week drooling over pictures of food on Foodgawker, and one of the most brilliant websites that I’ve found in all my years of surfing the internet is FoodPornDaily. But, since I suck ass at preparing my own food, I’m always on the lookout for simple and delicious recipes — the kind that only have a few steps and don’t involve much time commitment or a lot of multi-tasking. You know, nothing with extremely precise times or temperatures or simultaneous steps that might prevent me from drinking a beer and eating Pringles while I cook. And nothing that requires kitchen appliances outside the realm of my limited twenty-something living-in-my-first-apartment hand-me-downs and mostly-bare-essentials collection.

So this series will be my excuse to share some of my go-to lazy person recipes with you. I hope you enjoy.

Stay tuned for the first edition later this week.

Artwork by Erin Flynn
And yes, that is a zombie staggering toward a stack of pancakes, because who doesn’t love pancakes?


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