Things I Love Thursday, vol. 18

via Caitlin:

The Real Life Hannibal Lecters – a documentary about cannibalistic serial killers. You can watch it on YouTube in 6 parts. (via Caragh)

That Was Not In the Book — a website that breaks down all the differences between movies and the books they’re based on (thanks Colin!)

This parody of The Hunger Games trailer (via It’s a Geek Life)

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Beer — because bacon and beer make everything better

The worst line in the history of pick up lines

Papercutting artwork by Elsa Mora (via Violet)

Tea towel stuffed animals (via Nova)

Yankee Candle now has “Man Candles”…the 2×4 scent made me giggle a lot. Nice one, Yankee Candle.

The pop surrealist artwork of Mab Graves. Check out Mab’s blog and her Etsy shop (via Violet)

These Broccoli Parmesan Fritters look epic. Broccoli may be my favorite vegetable so I definitely need to try these (via Elizabeth)

This montage of models biting it on the runway (via Pretty Girls Poop Too)

when can you fart in a new person’s bed? Um, so Sam is definitely the best writer that I’ve encountered in the blogging world, and as much as I don’t like talking about those kind of bodily functions, this post is hilarious.

Cassette tape wallets — I love these! What a great idea to recycle cassette tapes (via Nova)

These old Victorian gentleman stamps and sketchy Mickey Mouse stamps are so cute. I’m thinking about getting some for my niece

This hand painted Lucille Ball scarf, from the same Etsy shop where Colin got my Kurt Vonnegut scarf

I also love Liz’s quote canvases, especially this one:

9 Ways to Make Your Blog Suck Less (via Erin) I actually made a few changes to my settings based on Sarah’s tips. I’m glad that Erin always posts such interesting links and tips about blogging because I’m not very good at the technical side of it.

The Mr. Pickwick Christmas card

Kaylah’s new rainbow hair. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a crazy bright color…if/when I do, I’ll definitely be using Kaylah’s Hair Tips and Tricks because she clearly knows what she’s doing

DIY pop can vase — thanks Nova for this one. I really am amazed by how stupid a lot of the DIYs I see on the internet are.

32 amazing films you can watch for free right now

Entryways Welcome Mats — I especially like this one

Wedding dessert buffets (via The Color Issue)

HOLY. SHIT. These penis print leggings MADE MY DAY. So hilarious. (via Christine)

10 Ways To Make Your Life Better This Weekend — very good advice. I’ve been especially craving #8 lately.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday, vol. 18

  1. Thanks for the link, friend :) Glad you liked the links! And I’m totally saving that “Real Life Hannibal Lecter” documentary, I think serial killers are so interesting.

    • yeah I binged on some built-up posts in my google reader so that’s why you got your own section in this post. expect that to happen from time to time because you always have great links!
      and yes, I’m also fascinated by serial killers and this documentary was a good one about a few INSANE dudes I had never heard of before.

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