Sunday confessions, vol. 9

I don’t believe in “body language.” Sure, there are probably some really basic components of body language that can be read consistently for anyone, but I’m a very direct person so I hate the thought of someone trying to read between the lines of what I’m saying by interpreting my body language. I really like this short post that Christine Friar did about this. My boss recently made a comment to me about my body language, and it made me feel really icky. If I want to cross my arms in front of my chest or aimlessly fiddle with the trackpad on my laptop it doesn’t mean anything other than that I’m a former smoker who doesn’t know what the fuck to do with her hands if they aren’t typing, driving, or eating. You don’t need to read my “body language” because my actual mouth almost always says exactly what I’m thinking, or at least exactly what I want you to know so please don’t try to read into me any further. Kthxbye.

I think Ryan Gosling is overrated. I don’t find him attractive. I just keep picturing him in Remember the Titans and that dorky white boy just doesn’t do it for me. And I don’t think the feminist Ryan Gosling meme is funny. I’ve had enough of Ryan Gosling, thanks.

I follow Snooki on Twitter. I’ve only ever seen like three episodes of Jersey Shore, but the concept of Snooki entertains me enough that I have no shame in following her. There’s something kind of endearing about how dumb she is, and I particularly like when she retweets insults that people tweet at her and casually (and surprisingly gracefully) brushes them off.

I almost forgot to call my dad today. Sorry, but Father’s Day is a lame holiday. Of course I think fathers deserve to be celebrated or whatever, but my dad is a chill dude and not the type to expect a lot, or anything for that matter, from us on Father’s Day. I did send him a package with copies of two of my favorite books and a card I bought at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, and he appreciated the gift and promised he would read The Road this time since I’ve been talking to him about it ever since I read it on our last trip to the beach three years ago. But he’s low key and our Father’s Day phone conversation only lasted about five minutes, which was okay with me.

I’ve recently discovered that I really like bad movies. I’ve gotten fully on board with Lamar’s obsession with The Room, and when Kirsten made us watch Troll 2 I immediately fell in love. Both movies are just so unbelievably weird and hilariously terrible that I don’t know how anyone couldn’t like them. Last night I went to my second midnight showing of The Room, and I’m fascinated by how much people love these horrible movies. Especially after watching the documentary Best Worst Movie, I now have this itch to track down more god-awful B movies to love. Anyone know of any that can compare to The Room or Troll 2?


9 thoughts on “Sunday confessions, vol. 9

  1. I actually studied nonverbal communication (aka, body language) in school (communication major). I think it has some validity to an extent. But I tend to think you really need to know the person first as everyone has their own unique ticks. I had a lot of problems at my last job because I don’t have a lot of facial expression and I cross my arms a lot and my douche of a boss thought I was disrespecting him when I wasn’t. Apparently a lot of my body language is too masculine, and it rubs guys the wrong way sometimes. I blame it on having too many brothers!

    Also, sad I missed seeing The Room. That’s the best worst movie ever!

  2. Dude! Bad movies all the way! I consistently list them among my top interests and I host a weekly bad movie night with my friends. I seriously can’t get enough.

    Some gems: Gymkata (probably my favorite, ever), Mac and Me (it’s like an ET-themed McDonalds commercial), Dead End Drive-In (an Aussie flick from the ’80s I recently discovered), After Last Season, any of The Leprechaun movies…the list could go on. :)

  3. I failed at Father’s Day this year but there was just so much stuff going on and I really, really let it get lost in the shuffle. Womp.

    I get Ryan Gosling 85% of the time but probably not to the OMG level some ladies bring it to. He’s handsome.

  4. Super Shark is the best worst movie I’ve seen recently. I think it was just one of those SyFy movies though. Idk if you can get it on DVD or anything. It’s worth looking for if only for the theme song and kick boxing tank. lol

  5. I didn’t think Ryan Gosling was attractive too until I watched that movie Drive. I was actually watching it begrudgingly too, because my boyfriend wanted to see it really bad. By the end of the movie I was in love with him. Sexually. LOL

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