summer haul so far

It’s summertime which means it’s yard sale season, which means I’ll probably collect an inordinate amount of nonsensical crap that I don’t need because I can’t resist a chance to nose around in someone else’s discarded belongings.

Also, my birthday was last month, and I bought some cool stuff at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. So here’s the stuff.

I’m gonna go ahead and start this post with a GPOY. This is me mirror mugging with the hand painted Kurt Vonnegut scarf that Colin got me for my birthday. Isn’t he such a good boyfriend? The quote says “To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. SO DO IT.”

He also got me this awesome framed print that’s now hanging in the hallway outside my room. Gretchen said she likes that it’s like Kurt is watching over us now since he’s in the hallway and we come face-to-face with him every day. Five hundred brownie points to Colin for being the best gift-buyer. (see also: the pizza necklace for Valentine’s Day and the Breaking Bad t-shirt for Christmas.)

Gretchen is also a really good gift-buyer — she got me this awesome sandwich press. I guess it’s supposed to be a bacon press, but I’ve never felt compelled to press bacon so I think it’ll be put to better use pressing a ton of epic sandwiches.

I bought these two vintage ads at a garage sale. This lady had a box overflowing with all of these really cool old ads, and I wanted to buy a lot more but I had to reign it in at “Enjoy the Pleasure Dome” and “Schlitz: Just the kiss of the hops.” Classic.

Four solid purchases from the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. Erin made fun of me for buying this shirt — “You better be careful or people will think you actually like living in the Midwest!” But I do like living in the Midwest, and I couldn’t resist this shirt from Megan Lee Designs — plus it’s really, really soft.

I got this card for my dad for Father’s Day from Steel Petal Press. We have a relationship of few words, so this card’s succinctness was perfect. I also sent him copies of The Road by Cormac McCarthy and A Man Without a Country by Kurt Vonnegut for Father’s Day. I’m always trying to force my love of books on my friends and family, but I hope he reads them because I know he’ll like both.

I also got this candle made from a recycled beer bottle from Green Illuminations and these wooden earrings from 1337motif. You can see more pictures from both vendors in my original post about the craft fair. I want like 5 more of those candles, and I need those Mario coasters, too. Someday.

Check out Erin’s post to see the stuff she bought — I love her credit card wallet from Conduit Press.

Amy and I tried to go yard-saling on Sunday but couldn’t find any — apparently Hoosiers are serious about resting on the lord’s day. It was pretty disappointing, but we popped into the Value World around the corner from our apartments and I snagged a copy of Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and this cute mirror shelf. I was on the fence about the shelf because it’s kind of tacky looking, but Amy and I decided that it would look better with a fresh coat of paint. So it’ll lay around for who knows how long before I’m ready to dive into my first DIY home decor project. I’ll have to buy sand paper and pick out the right color paint…sounds like a lot of work, but hopefully I can get Amy to tackle one of her DIYs with me so we can sand and paint together.

Since we couldn’t find any yard sales, we spent most of the day cruising around and listening to music, which is one of my favorite things to do. We drove through the “river rat” neighborhood along the White River, which is an awesome shady little neighborhood that reminds me a lot of the area around Buckeye Lake back home. We saw a hilarious house with a TON of ridiculous lawn ornaments, and we found a really cool park tucked away in the middle of the neighborhood with a free mini water park for kids to play in.

Last weekend was a good one. This weekend I’m going to a midnight showing of The Room at the Keystone Art Cinema (SO EXCITED) and going go-karting with Lamar and Amy on Sunday. Gretchen and I also met our back door neighbor last night and played beer pong with her and her friends in our courtyard, which was pretty awesome since all the rest of our immediate neighbors seem super lame sauce. Let the good times roll, or whatever. Summer 2012 ftw.


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