Sunday confessions, vol. 8

I hate when people honk their horn. I’ve complained a lot about traffic and bad drivers on here, but horn-honking is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world. Why the fuck do cars even have horns? Anytime someone honks, no one around them knows who the hell they are honking at, and 98% of the time people honk to express rage rather than warning, which I think is what the horn is really intended for. I think they should all be disabled, personally, because nothing sets me off more when I’m in a traffic jam than hearing some dickhead honk their horn.

I’m so sick of seeing nail tutorials on the internet. I don’t know why, but it seems like there has just been an EXPLOSION of these posts lately. I mostly blame HelloGiggles for this. I see them everywhere I go–on my favorite blogs, on Tumblr and Twitter. I hardly ever paint my nails, so a nail tutorial is one of the least interesting things I could possibly find on a blog. Also, there are only so many ways you can paint your nails, and who has the TIME to do elaborate home manicures like that every day?!

I like staying in on Friday night. I always feel kind of lame when I choose to stay in on the weekends because I know I’m not going to look back on my life and think, “I’m so glad I had so many quiet evenings alone watching Netflix and going to bed early.” But still, I really enjoy those quiet nights when they happen, and it’s a trade off because when I don’t go out drinking it means I can get up and actually do something the next morning and afternoon instead of spending a majority of the day in bed, incapacitated by a hangover, and groaning for some Qdoba to magically appear in front of me. I just can’t function with a hangover like I used to be able to, so it’s worth it to trade doing stuff on Friday night for doing stuff on Saturday morning sometimes.

I love yard sales and thrift stores. I used to hate thrift stores because my mom would always drag me to the little one in our town, and she was constantly buying more and more junk that we didn’t need just because it was a “good deal” or an “antique.” Now that I’m a little older I can acknowledge that my mom really does have a good eye for finding the diamond in the rough when it comes to thrifting, and I’ve turned into a bit of a junk collector, just like her. I really love sorting through other people’s cast-off things, and there are so many random treasures to be found at yard sales and thrift stores. I’ve found some real gems for our apartment over the past year or so, and I’ve gotten a little addicted to shopping secondhand because it’s just so much cheaper, and in a lot of cases I find way better quality items for the price when I buy them used instead of new.

I hate messenger bags. Whenever I see someone using a messenger bag I immediately peg them as pretentious (if it’s one of those fancy leather man-bags) or a huge dork (if it’s um, any other kind of messenger bag). I just think they’re really ugly, and in my experience really impractical–they hurt your shoulder and take a weird shape if you carry anything in them that isn’t flat like a textbook or a laptop. I did carry one for a short time in high school, but it looked like this so it was okay:

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15 thoughts on “Sunday confessions, vol. 8

  1. I hate the majority of tutorials also, but you’re right, nail ones are pretty freaking boring.

    While they are obnoxious, I think horns are pretty important. Though they are indeed most often used in aggression (which is really annoying) they do provide a really good way to warn someone who is backing out of a driveway or something and can’t see you. I *never* use mine unless I’m behind someone at a red light, and they don’t go right away when the light turns green. Even then I only tap it because it annoys me when people lay on it. It sounds like they’re yelling.

  2. Oh, I love thrift stores and flea markets. :) I have found so many great things there, especially jewelry and books. I could spend days there. :)

  3. haha I also don’t get the nail trend. If you have that much time to design your nails, you should be doing something else.
    I also don’t care for messanger bags, but when you are at conferences, they are great to carry all your electronics etc. I really want to buy one of those tech/camera bags. We’ll see. I don’t want to spend over $100 for one.

  4. lol! i hate horn honkers! this reminds me because someone literally HIT me today while trying to get past me in an intersection and i didn’t honk {i live in nyc so of course i just got randomly bumped in an intersection! errrr!!}

    also, i really want to like thrift stores but i just don’t have the patience!

    • I can understand that. I used to be like that too, but I’ve definitely become more patient with sorting through the junk to find the gems. clothes are the hardest, though — I don’t have a lot of patience for clothes shopping in thrift stores.

  5. Oh my gosh. If I wanted my nails to look like flowers or chevron or elves or bunny rabbits or whatever the eff else is out there, I would not waste hours attempting to do it myself. I would go to a salon and let someone else do it for me. IF I even did my nails. Once in a while (like once every few months) I get the urge to paint my nails and paint them a boring red or pink or purple and they are messy because I suck at it, and then I pick off all the polish when I’m bored. Moral of the story… there are better things I could be doing than painting my nails.
    Now that I’ve left a novel about only ONE of your confessions, I’ll keep it short on the rest.
    1. I hate car horns.
    2. Friday nights at home are usually the best.
    3. I actually like messenger bags. It’s okay if this makes me pretentious.
    4. I really like thrift stores and yard sales, but am really impatient, so it makes it kinda difficult to find a really good deal.
    Thanks for linking up!

  6. I agree with the car horns, although I’m pretty sure mine saved my life one time when a semi tried to merge into the lane I was in and there was another semi on my right. I do hate when someone is honking though and I have no idea what it’s about.

    I like staying in too. I’m all about Netflix on Friday nights. Pretty sure that makes me old and boring, but it’s nice.

    I like yardsales and thrift stores too, though I always find things I never knew I needed. At least it’s cheap? haha

    You must hate my leather messenger bag! haha I like them because then my hands are free. Can’t stand purses with short straps!

    • your bag’s not a messenger bag though! or at least not what I think of when I think messenger bag…I’m thinking like the big bulky ones that people use as bookbags.

  7. I love staying in on Friday nights too. My weekend’s usually pass by in a blur of activity, so it’s nice having at least one night where I don’t have to worry about running around or getting up early the next day.

  8. You may hate horns, but they serve a purpose. I used mine today, in fact. I was at a light behind a car, the light turned green and the car in front of me didn’t go. Then it started to go, but crawled, like they were simply idling. So I honked, and they stepped on the gas. Not a long honk, just a tap.

    I’ve been in driving in parking lots and almost backed into because somebody just started backing out. Used the horn.

    I’ve been on the highway, minding my own business in my lane, and had some mind-wandering jackass start merging into my lane. Used the horn.

    The other options are – I flip you the bird. Which I do. I grew up in New York, I have little patience for inattentive, distracted and scared drivers. Also, I can yell at you, I have at people who have nearly killed me. Talking on your cell phone while attempting a merge and about to shove my car into a concrete wall. Damn straight I’m gonna bitch you out.

    Thousands of people die each year in car crashes, and if it isn’t because of alcohol, it’s most likely because of stupidity.

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