Things I Love Thursday, vol. 17

I really want this donut raft to float around on in our complex’s pool this summer

And this pretzel raft, while we’re at it

PicturelessPinterest — hilarious.

This recipe for fried dandelions — I doubt I’ll be making this any time soon, but I’m still intrigued by it

This picture of a child’s skull before losing its baby teeth gives me the heebie jeebies, but I can’t stop looking at it

Pretzel Cigarette — looks delicious to me

Elizabeth’s DIY plant markers. I want an herb garden but that sounds like something that would be too easy for me to screw up/never use.

Scott Scheidly’s “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators, and popes

Robert Bentley Harrison’s portraits of life over 80 years old via Nova

State necklaces by tru.che. The model photographs for the necklaces are amazing, plus I also like the jewelry itself

Pen & Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them

Nickelodeon time capsule, 1992

Stephen King’s 20 Tips for Becoming a Frighteningly Good Writer applied to blogging. This is a good read for anyone who likes blogging as a way to practice writing, not just a place to post photos of clothes and nails. via Gala Darling

31 Hot Sexy Fat Girls in Skimpy Swimwear — I like the idea of this. Get over your flab, put on a suit, and join the summer fun. via Gala Darling

Would it be too dorky of me to buy these Triforce earrings? Because I really want them.

How Do Your Protect Your Daughter From Your Mother’s Bullshit? Tracie Egan Morrissey is one of my internet heros.

And speaking of Tracie being badass, check out her mommy bling

Um, did I ever tell you guys that I LOVE Pot Psychology?

Pot Psychology has a Tumblr now, and new episodes are starting again this summer! I’m so excited.

AND Tracie and Rich’s book is coming out this year! It’s called How To Be: Lowbrow Advice From High People 

Midnight Madness at the Keystone Art Cinema. YES! So excited to go to the midnight showing of The RoomActually, I want to go to all of these midnight showings.

I really want one of these infinity scarves from

Giant googly eyes

My friend Trey’s Moby Dick tattoo designs — #1 is my favorite but all three are badass.

Times I Clean My Apartment — also, Trey is funny.

Things I want for you by Christine Friar. Awesome advice. We’d all be happier if we took it.

Easy bake s’mores — this recipe is awesome for those of us who don’t have access to a bonfire pit to cook real s’mores

Molls got nominated for this “Best 30 Under 30” thing that Elle is doing…if you read this blog at all you should know that she’s my hero, so you should probably vote for her

This gif of downtown Indianapolis that Violet made. You should also check out her tutorial on creating a gif.

Erin’s Indie Gift Box project — I wish I were artsy and could actually contribute something handmade to the boxes, but since I’m not I’ll be sponsoring the project instead

Christmas In July — I love this idea and I’m really excited to participate in the blogger gift swap.

This shark oven mitt at Fab

Breaking Bad‘s official season 5 poster

Beautiful views inside hot air balloons — reminds me of the parachute game in elementary school gym class. via Nova

‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Is Addicted To Concerts

Nova’s new blog, Glitter and Doom


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday, vol. 17

  1. hey! you linked me! =] Thanks!

    I don’t know what happened to my feed, but I’m re-subscribing to you. This is weird. Hopefully it was just me being dumb!

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