Sunday confessions, vol. 6

Sometimes for a snack I eat a bowl full of shredded cheese with pickle slices. I’ve always loved pickles, but I think this habit really started the summer that I lived on campus and worked at The Corner Cone in Yellow Springs with Gretchen. We would fill the little plastic ice cream cups with shredded cheese and pickles from the coney/burger toppings and snack on cold salty goodness to help cure our perpetual summertime hangover. If you like pickles, you should try it…it’s delicious.

I’m superstitious about red cars. I’m not really superstitious about anything, but my grandma has this thing about red cars because she has had nightmares for years about people she loves getting killed in car accidents involving red cars. I don’t really know the details, but I do know that every single person in our family who has ever had a red car has wrecked it, and the worst car accident I was ever in was also in a red car.

Gretchen and two of our friends were driving around aimlessly on a back road one night because that’s what people who aren’t old enough to drink do where we live. I think the speed limit was 55 because it was a state highway, and we were cruising along when all of a sudden we saw a MOTHERFUCKING HORSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD IN FRONT OF US. Yeah, a fucking HORSE had somehow escaped from its pen at a nearby farm and wandered into the middle of the highway, and Gretchen swerved lest we all be completely crushed by the giant, iron-hoofed beast, and we skidded directly into a ditch.

We came unnervingly close to smashing into a telephone pole, and thank god we were all wearing our seatbelts because if not we would have gone straight through the windshield. So no red cars for me, thanks.

Two weekends ago I went to Yankee Candle Company and bought a ridiculously overpriced candle, and then I left it at the Auntie Anne’s Pretzels counter. Colin and I sat down for 5 minutes to eat our pretzel bites and drink our lemonade, and by the time we realized I had left it and went back to check, it was gone. $17.00 for a godamn candle and I don’t even have the sense to hang onto it long enough to get it home and light it. What can I say? I really like pretzels and I’m easily distracted by food. Damn you, thieving mallrats.

I kind of like the sound of sirens. Wittenberg’s campus is right next to a hospital and the fire station, so sirens are part of the constant backdrop of city sounds that remind me of living on campus. I remember they used to bother me early on in my freshman year, but now I’m just used to the sound, especially since there’s also a fire station around the corner from our apartment complex in Indy. The sound of sirens is just familiar, I guess. Other city sounds of Wittenberg that I’m fond of: train whistles and church bells.


It’s gorgeous outside today, and I’m planning on brunching hard at one of our favorite weekend restaurants. Don’t forget to link up with Alyx. Happy Sunday.


9 thoughts on “Sunday confessions, vol. 6

  1. Man, I’m glad you guys were all okay! That does not sound like a fun wreck at all. Actually, the worst wreck I’ve ever been in was in high school, and my friend was driving a red VW Karmen gia (I have no idea how to spell that). We’d decided to be idiots and drive really fast down a dirt road, lost control, and almost flipped the car. It ended up on its side, and we had to rock around to try and get it back down so that we could get out.
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. That red car thing is freaky, I wouldn’t go in them either if I were you.

    I really like fire engine sounds, but only specific cool sounding ones. The fire engines here sound awesome. The ones in Alberta, where I’m from, are just loud in an ugly way.

  3. That sucks that someone took your candle. Or much less that the person serving you didn’t mention that you had left your bag. ugh

  4. Dude. Pickles and cheese are like my two least favorite things. Ew.

    Also, those damn Yankee Candles get me every time. I’d probably Hulk out if I left one behind.

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