Birthday Wish List

My birthday is at the end of this month–I’m turning 24! And because it’s my opinion that you never get too old to shamelessly ask for shit for your birthday, here are a few things I want:

Kevin Smith’s new book, Tough Shit

Best Coast’s new album, The Only Place

Pop Poe t-shirt (you may recognize this as a carry-over from my Christmas wish list)

Red State on DVD

A single-egg frying pan

“Renovation” 3-day juice cleanse from BluePrintCleanse

The last one is a tall order for a birthday gift, but I’m thinking about getting it for myself because I’ve been interested in trying a juice cleanse for a while now. It’s kind of hard for me to rationalize dropping $75 on juice though, so I want to do some research to maybe find a similar, cheaper alternative. Does anyone know of any, or have any advice about juice cleanses in general?

I’ve also been seriously considering getting my first tattoo as a gift to myself for my birthday. I need to do some research first to find a good tattoo shop around here because I don’t really know any. I know there are two just up the street from my apartment, but I want to check out a couple different places before I decide on a shop. I always thought that I would get my first tattoo at Rising Tide, but that’s going to be a lot harder to do now that I don’t live in Ohio anymore. The tattoo is something I definitely hope to make happen in the near future, but it may or may not happen for my birthday.

Also, season 4 of Breaking Bad comes out the week after my birthday so I’ll definitely be picking that up for myself to complete my collection.


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