Things I Love Thursday, vol. 15

Fallen Princesses — this is such a funny idea. Any girl who grew up on the Disney princesses can appreciate this!

Faces of Addiction–these photos are amazing, and it’s so interesting to hear the stories that Chris Arnade has collected

DIY: Upcycled t-shirt tote bag

No Fail Kale: 25 Delicious Recipes To Make Your Friends Go Green With Envy

Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai with Blueberry. Normally I don’t like dark chocolate, but these things are freakin delicious, and healthier than regular candy, I think. I get them at Bed, Bath & Beyond and highly recommend them.

This sloth necklace via omgsloths

The Ruins of Detroit–these pictures are so interesting. I’ve always wanted to take a bunch of pictures like this of Springfield.

Amy’s post on weight loss cliches. Normally weight loss cliches piss me off, but I’m getting really sick of my chub and I need to start repeating this one to myself over and over again: “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”

The monster alphabet

Neat-os reusable snack and sandwich bags

Let’s Talk About Snick, Baby. Fuck. yes. I want to have a Snick Slumber Party and eat tons of popcorn and cookies and watch all of these shows.

Bon Iverotica. This is almost as hilarious as Bon Joviver. Almost.

15 Spectacular Libraries in Europe

Awesome photos that give me major wanderlust

Dad creates touching time lapse videos of his kids growing up. I don’t even like children, but this is pretty cool.

This New Yorker comic about Where’s Waldo?

Erin’s mock outfit post. I really like outfit posts sometimes, but I totally sympathize with Erin’s disdain for them. Plus she’s funny.

I don’t know who makes these things but they’re awesome.

Fuck Yeah Behind the Scenes–lots of interesting factoids from behind the scenes of your favorite films

Republicans, Get In My Vagina!

This list of random household tips

In the same vein, 12 Creative Ideas That Will Change Your Life

Famous paintings improved by cats

Foodie Penpals — ummm YES, I am totally doing this next month. What an awesome idea!


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday, vol. 15

  1. I’m pretty sure every time you post a list I come here and tell you I love your lists.

    I love your lists. I’ll be over here clicking all the links ever.

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