First Friday Food Truck Fest

On the first Friday of every month from May through November, a bunch of Indy food trucks get together downtown at the Murat for the Food Truck Fest. You pay an admission fee for access to live music, beer, and a clusterfuck of some of the most delicious and unique “restaurants” that Indianapolis has to offer.

In November, Gretchen and I took Colin to the last Fest of the year because it just happened to be on his birthday. It was FREEZING cold and we waited in line for what seemed like an eternity to get West Coast Tacos, and my fingers went numb because I forgot to bring gloves and was drinking cold beer. We got an amazing pecan sweet potato concoction from Chef Dan’s that made it all worth it, though (actually, we got two, if I’m being honest). The tacos were good, too, but I have to say they weren’t as delicious as I was hoping. My one criticism of the food trucks is that few of them make an effort to actually make their menu visible to people when there’s a long line congregating in front of the truck. A piece of paper taped to the window is weak, especially when your tacos are weird–Gretchen and I were appalled at the sign next to the West Coast Tacos menu that said “We do NOT serve tacos with CHEESE, LETTUCE, TOMATO, OR SOUR CREAM so DO NOT ASK!!!” No cheese or sour cream? The fuck?

Last week we decided to go to the first Fest of the new year even though the weather forecast was pretty foreboding. It was hot and muggy which wasn’t ideal but was preferable to the frigidness of our last Food Truck Fest outing. We were willing to risk getting rained on to sample the food truck fare, and it was totally worth it.

After snagging some Summer Shandy we spent a lot of time walking around and pondering what sounded most appetizing and which truck had the shortest line. Amy and Lamar ended up getting pizza, Gretchen got a Cajun shrimp po’ boy (why haven’t we agreed to stop calling them that? can’t we just say “sandwich”?), and I started out with “Ultimate Nachos” from Nacho Mamas. These nachos were pretty awesome, and the perfect appetizer for the epic main course.

The truck with the longest line, by far, was Mac Genie. I had seen it around downtown before and have always wanted to try it, and we figured since the line was so long that must mean that it’s worth the wait. We waited in line for a good chunk of time, and of course, as soon as we got to the home stretch, it started to rain. We had waited for too long to give up, and I’m glad we stuck it out because this was probably some of the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had.

Yes please. All of the above.

I really wanted to try the Flaming Dill Mac but I knew it would be too spicy for me, so I opted for the Buffalo Chicken instead. It was the perfect level of spicy, and super cheesy, as all mac should be. The chicken was pretty sparse, but it was still a delicious take on one of my all-time favorite foods. I will definitely be tracking down that truck again in the future.

The Mac Genie granted my wish, and luckily it didn’t rain too hard as we were transporting our food back to the car. I would have liked to stay a little longer and snag some dessert to take back to Colin, but there’s always next month.


5 thoughts on “First Friday Food Truck Fest

  1. I love that you had such a good time. I was there too and I also scored a bowl of that buffalo goodness. I was so happy with it. I tried a whole host of other things too but those nachos you got sound great. Maybe I’ll have to check that truck out next month!

  2. There are food trucks near my house every Monday, but of course Monday is the one day I can’t go. This post just reminded me how badly I want to go. :(

    BUT. I’m glad you enjoyed.

    • I definitely recommend it–OR just make it your business to track down some food trucks sometime. most of them have twitter and will update where they are every day

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