Sunday confessions, vol. 5

I hate when people use the word “y’all” in writing. I see this on blogs a lot, and I don’t get it. It’s not a real word,  and there’s really no excuse to use it in writing unless you’re directly quoting someone. It doesn’t bother me as much when it’s spoken–depending on where you’re from, you can get away with it in your day-to-day vernacular, but in my opinion it’s extremely tacky when it comes to the written word. You know better.

I don’t like Keurig coffee makers. They’re so wasteful, and I think the coffee itself is overrated. They have all these frou-frou flavors that sound good but in reality are never that great. But now every time I see a Keurig coffee maker I can’t not think about the story that Gretchen told me about one of her co-workers who was talking about how awesome his “corgi coffee maker” is, because he’s a dumbass and apparently doesn’t know how to read.

I’ve seen Hanson in concert…twice. The first concert I ever went to was in the third grade at the City Center Mall in Columbus. I went with my best friend at the time, and I still remember how incredibly awesome it was to hear my favorite songs live, and how incredibly deaf I was for like a day afterwards. Soo many girls freaking the fuck out and screaming so loud you could barely hear the music. And then during my sophomore year of college I went to see Hanson with my mom and my sister, in Columbus again, but this time at the Newport. Look, any decent girl my age likes Hanson in an ironic nostalgic way, but I’m one of the few who kiiiiind of likes Hanson in a non-ironic way.

They’re all grown up! Weird, right?

Did you guys know they are STILL releasing albums and touring, and they actually still have a serious following? I don’t keep up with their music anymore, but their album Underneath was one of my favorites in high school and I’m not even ashamed to admit I still like it. Shit’s way better than fucking Bieber or Katy Perry.

I hate the Happy Birthday song. I’m a terrible singer so I hate singing the song to other people, and nothing makes me feel more awkward and patronized than momentarily being the center of attention while people cheesily sing a children’s song to me to celebrate that I’ve lived to see another year. Let’s skip the singing and just get straight to the cake, can we?

If I had a genie in a lamp, one of my wishes would be to never produce snot again for the rest of my life. I have pollen allergies and just generally wacky sinuses, and I’m so sick of dealing with my own boogers. It’s disgusting and annoying and I want no more of it.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday confessions, vol. 5

  1. Y’all is so a word! Is so is so is so. It’s a contraction for ‘you all’. Another awesome one that I don’t know how to spell but I’ve heard before is Scottish contraction of “did not”. It’s something like “didna”. I say it sometimes, it’s so fun. I can’t seem to get “y’all” out very well without it sounding like I”m just mocking the South haha but I do use it in writing because I feel like it encompasses a kind of “you guys” feeling better than “you” does.

    I totally agree with you on the Keurig thing, it’s the most wasteful and probably expensive system ever!

    • I think y’all is a word in the same sense that ain’t is a word, and I don’t think either should be used in writing unless they’re purposefully imitating a particular speech style. but to each their own. I definitely have my own grammatical tics that don’t always line up with proper usage, but y’all just bugs me for some reason.

  2. oh, man. Hanson! I had no idea that they were still releasing albums and stuff! I feel like I was obsessed wiht them in like, the third grade! Wow… that was ages ago. And they look a million times better now that they’re all grown up.
    I can’t really handle the “word” y’all, either. It drives me crazy… Not really sure why. I’m sure I’ll get over it eventually, though.
    Thanks for linking up!

    • I think part of my disgust for the word “y’all” is because I knew this girl in high school who had a fake southern accent and would always say it. there is nothing worse than a fake southern accent.

  3. OMG! Someone else hates the birthday song! I didn’t know anyone else was like this…I seriously detest it. I hate singing it and I hate it being sung to me. For my 7th birthday I didn’t let anyone sing it to me, haha!

    • yeah, my co-workers at my old job were like seriously concerned about me because I made them promise not to make a big deal about my birthday and sing and stuff. they thought I was so weird for being “anti-birthday”

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