Sunday confessions, vol. 4

I have a really loud, obnoxious laugh. If you’ve heard me laugh before you may or may not understand the varying degrees of obnoxiousness that my laughs achieve. It’s like a spectrum, and when I think something’s really funny and I laugh really hard, it’s ear-piercing and terrible. I’m really embarrassed by it at times, like when people visibly flinch at the sound of it, or when I’m at a bar (usually just the Pub) and I know that I’m totally being “that girl” with the annoying cackle. But I love laughing, so what the fuck’s a girl to do?

I get really overwhelmed by blogging sometimes. I love my blog, and I’ve found so many other awesome blogs in the past year and a half that I’ve been doing this, but sometimes (fairly often, actually) I get really overwhelmed thinking about how many awesome blogs there are out there that I’m not reading. Blogging and reading blogs is time-consuming! I already have a Google reader crammed full of blogs that I spend a lot of time perusing every week, and I feel really guilty when I get behind on my blogroll, especially when someone posts ABOUT ME and I don’t even see it til a week later. Case in point: this awesome list of 25 blogs you should be reading that Nova shared last Friday that includes MY BLOG (small personal victory!!) and tons of other amazing blogs that I can’t believe I never knew about until now.

I really want a pet but I’m waaay too lazy to commit to the responsibility. So instead I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of animals on the internet–it’s just better for everyone that way. There are times I convince myself that I need a pet, even if it’s just a goldfish, but then I remember the part about going to the pet store to buy food and remembering to feed it every day and cleaning out the tank and buying stupid accessories like a SpongeBob pineapple or whatever (all of which would be a million times more involved/expensive if the pet were anything other than a goldfish) and I promptly give up on that idea and go back to OMGbabyanimals.

I like country music. It’s not my favorite genre by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it something I listen to on a regular basis, but there are a handful of country songs that I totally fucking love and will shamelessly rock out to if I happen to hear them in my car or at a bar or something. My parents are kind of rednecks, and while they both listen to more classic rock than anything else, I think there’s something about growing up in, you know, the country, that makes you more inclined to appreciate country music. Plus Lady Antebellum is fucking catchy.

I think dreads are sexy. There’s no explanation for this one. It is what it is.

Share your confessions. And if you like reading random stuff about me be sure to check out volumes 1, 2, and 3 of my Sunday confessions.

I didn’t do a confessions post last week because I was too busy celebrating Gretchen’s birthday, Sunday Funday style. We went to Creation Cafe for brunch and beers and came back to our place for a crappy(awesome) movie marathon that included Dumb and DumberThe Sleeper, and Troll 2. It was a pretty great day.

As for this week, I’ve been working some overtime which will be nice come pay-day, and on Friday I got a free lunch from Bravo (Chianti Braised Beef Ravioli and chocolate chip bread pudding, MMMMMMMMM) because I won two of the weekly performance contests they have in our department. I also found out on Friday that I’m being promoted to the new team they are creating, which means I will be getting more in-depth training about our business processes, doing more specialized research to resolve client issues, dealing with less call center bullshit, and making more money. #46 on the Life List! Hell yeah. Now this week I need to start getting serious about #39 on the Life List, and hopefully also starting work on a new blog project that will tie in to #30.

I hope you all had a stellar weekend.

2 thoughts on “Sunday confessions, vol. 4

  1. Hey Linsey! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! You made me smile a lot! Your blog is lovely and I will definitely follow you! Can’t wait to read more!
    And I have a loud laugh too. I think it is really annoying sometimes! :)

  2. Oh my gosh. I hear you on the blogging thing. I can’t even tell you how nice it was to take a couple of weeks off, but even then it’s biting me in the butt because I have a bajillion things to catch up on. It’s seriously like a job!
    And I sound like a donkey when I laugh, so no worries!
    Dreads are awesome – I’ve always wanted to try them!
    Thanks for linking up! Sorry it’s taken forever to read them!

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