2012 in photos

Okay, so the first one is from 2011, but these are a few pictures of what I’ve been doing so far this year.


It’s a tradition to go Christmas light cruising in my hometown, and there’s this one house that always looks like a face with a mustache. Classic.


Colin and I went on a road trip to Cleveland for his friend’s birthday, and I snapped this picture of the gigantic cross at the Indiana/Ohio border on the way.

On the way back to Indy we stopped in Springfield and got my favorite donuts in the world: whole wheat and blueberry from Schuler’s.

And I made him stop so I could take more pictures of the gigantic Indiana cross. Red State, anyone?


On Superbowl Sunday we got day drunk and hiked our asses downtown from Fountain Square. This is Gretchen drinking on the street, because that’s legal in Indiana.


I saw The Ataris at the Melody Inn. They kind of sucked.


Colin went back to Connecticut to collect his belongings to move to Indy for real. This is the thing of his that I envy most.

Garik visited and we went on the Kurt Vonnegut tour of Indy.


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