Sunday confessions, vol. 2

I hate when people try to one-up you with politeness. Specifically in regard to driving–there’s a three way stop at the entrance to my apartment complex, and I hate when I face off with another car and I wave them along because they were there first, but they just wave right back at me for me to go. First of all, it irritates me when people go out of turn at a three way stop, but second of all, what’s the POINT? Just GO. I waved you along! I’m letting you go first! Why can’t you just smile and move along? It doesn’t make any sense.

The snake house. Isn’t it pretty?

I miss living in a sorority house. I lived in my sorority house for half of my junior year and all of my senior year, and even though it sucked ass at times (like when I was really sick and fighting with one of my three roommates, or when one of my sisters found a mushroom growing at the base of the downstairs toilet…), for the most part it was a blast. There was always some sort of shenanigans going on, and I was really lucky that my roommates and our bathroommates had essentially no drama or major living issues.

I think I’m mildly narcoleptic. I mentioned before that I’m kind of a hypochondriac, but I think there is something to this one. I can pretty much fall asleep any time, anywhere, and I sometimes get outrageously tired out of nowhere to the point that I can barely hold my head up or keep my eyes open. There is probably a part of me that subconsciously thinks narcolepsy is sexy, but seriously, sometimes I wish I could just fucking stay awake like a normal person.

I like strange dogs more than strange people. I go for walks on the bike path near our apartment a lot, and I hate the awkward unclear etiquette of the bike path. Should you smile/wave/nod at every single person you pass? Some people completely pretend like they don’t even see you, which I think is kind of rude, so I usually try to at least give a little nod or smile, especially since I see a lot of the same people there because I go a lot. But I always feel a little awkward about greeting strangers on the bike path or out in public in general–unless they are a dog. I always smile at dogs in public, and my attitude toward dogs I don’t know is a lot more laid back and friendly than it is toward people I don’t know. I’m a little socially inept, but I’m a dog person…what can I say.

I do not like Michael Jackson. Not even a little bit. I’ll listen to “Thriller” at a Halloween party, but that’s about the extent of it. (I do like The Jackson Five, though. How could you not?)

Thanks Alyx and Erin for getting me on board with the confession linkup.


5 thoughts on “Sunday confessions, vol. 2

  1. HA! That picture is hilarious, and I could totally see myself doing that, too.
    And amen about michael jackson. I can’t stand the dude. Jackson five, though – AWESOME!! What’s cuter than a little black mj? almost nothing.
    you’re pretty much my hero for being able to live in a house full of girls and survive.
    Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. I hate it when people do that at three-way stops… because two people end up waving each other on and then usually then they try to go at the exact same time because they’re confused and nearly cause an accident.

    I always question whether I’m supposed to say hello or not when I’m out on walks too… Granted, when you’re living in NYC and foot is the primary mode of transportation, it’s a little different because chances are you’re not going to say “Hi” to everyone you pass. But in general, I go by this rule of thumb on the street or on the trail… Is the person I’m passing looking at me and acknowledging my presence? I say hi. Is the person off in his/her own little world? No need to disturb their thoughts. Dogs are a great conversation starter wherever you are though. I used to love taking my friend’s dog for a walk because I would always meet neighborhood folks that way.

  3. ok i’m so with you on the one up politeness thing… it’s so annoying when you sit there and have a “no you go, no you go” battle.
    I have never had the pleasure of living in a sorority house, but i’m not 100% sure i would survive. haha i think it would be way fun though, i could see why you would miss it.
    found you through sunday confessions.

  4. Ugh, so there’s one intersection by my apartment where people do the wave thing all the time–it’s a 4-way but I think people are confused because one of the ways goes into a parking lot (I don’t know why it makes it harder) but also the Monon intersects there as well so it’s kind of a 6-way if you count pedestrians and bicyclists who cut through the middle and don’t even look… Anyhow, so every time I stop for a pedestrian in the intersection people get SO confused about whose turn it is. If I’m NOT going because there’s someone in front of me, you can go!
    So then I wave at the other car and I’m like, “hey, go, there’s a mom and 50 kids in front of me” and then that driver waves at me and I’m all, “there are still children in front of me!” and then finally the kids move and the other driver is still waving so I try and go, and then that driver decides to go–WHILE STILL WAVING AT ME TO GO.


    I’m one of the people on the Monon that will ignore you. Sorry. I put in my headphones and avoid eye contact. But typically I’m jogging, so I’m not really looking at people anyhow. I think I’m scared that someone might want to talk to me or something. haha

  5. I’ve blogged about four way stops before too because they ANGER ME and make me lose faith in humanity. I’m glad it bothers other people too. :)

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