Sunday confessions

Sometimes I unfriend people on Facebook on their birthday. If someone pops up on my birthday notifications and I have to think twice about who they are, or I don’t care that it’s their birthday, I unfriend them. It’s a convenient way to upkeep my Facebook friends but I hope no one has ever noticed that I gave them the boot on their special day. Almost every time I flush a toilet, I think about this article I read in Cosmo that warned of all the germs and bacteria that are thrust up into the air (and your vagina) when you flush a toilet. For some reason this really stuck in my brain because it makes sense that some germs and um…particles…would go flying upward from the force of the flush, but who the fuck flushes the toilet while they are still sitting on it?! Because of this article, though, I’m now even more distrusting of automatic flush toilets–there’s nothing worse than when they flush before you’re ready! If a book gets insanely popular, I’m less inclined to read it. It’s not that I’m a literature snob or anything, because I’m not. I think Twilight just ruined it for me, so I’m hesitant to pick up anything that falls into the same popularity pattern as those books. I will definitely never read any of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books, and probably also The Hunger Games because I assume that their bestselling status means that they kind of suck. I mean, Sarah Palin’s book was a New York Times bestseller for christ’s sake, so obviously that distinction says a lot about the quality of the work. I’m still gonna go see The Hunger Games movie today for Erin‘s birthday though. I think I’m addicted to sugar. I’m kind of a hypochondriac, so to say I’m “addicted” is just a way to diagnose myself of something else. But seriously–I get mad cravings for sweet things and I get really grumpy if I can’t indulge them. I went on a hardcore sugar binge on St. Patrick’s Day weekend (Thin Mint boozeshakes and sooooo many of the peanut butter pretzels that Amy made) and I felt like crap for almost a whole week after. I’m sure that the alcohol binge contributed to the crap factor, but I’m convinced that I was also coming down from a massive sugar high. I’m trying to be more careful about eating sweets, but it’s not going so well. I still kind of like Good Charlotte. See my previous post about how much I love The Madden Brothers’ new collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly. I can’t help it–I’m a sucker for catchy pop punk, and Benji and Joel Madden are just so edgy (in, you know, a totally unoriginal and calculated way). See also: mediocre charlotte and fast times in licking county.


9 thoughts on “Sunday confessions

  1. I picked up Girl with the Dragon Tattoo right before it got super popular here and I’m glad I did. I love them. I’m still mad they remade the movies in English. If you can read, it’s not that hard to do subtitles and the Swedish version was SO much better.

  2. I love Good Charlotte!!!!
    i have their albums since Little Things song!!!!

    i have definitely the same opinion about Twilight. duh! it sucks. The Hunger Games don’t get me hooked, but you should read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo… :)

  3. I always think about the toilet thing too! I never ever ever flush with my pants down! Or my face too close? haha AND I’m the same about books being popular. You know how much convincing it took me to read the Hunger Games? A lot. Same with movies. Guess who hasn’t seen Star Wars. This guy.

  4. Dude. That FB birthday thing – totally GENIUS!!! I should probably start doing that.
    Bahaha, I was actually going to ask if I was weird or something for standing up and pulling up my pants and stuff BEFORE I flush the toilet! Who flushes while they’re still on it? I mean, really!
    NOOO! The books were SO GOOD! I was actually really surprised by how amazing they were. I did read them in another language, though, so I have no clue if the writing style sucked – I just know that the plot and concepts were awesome.
    Shh… I may or may not kind of have a thing for Good Charlotte, too!
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. I went to FB to see if you unfriended me! hahaha

    Twilight was AWFUL. I could barely finish the first book–and I ALWAYS read an entire series, but not Twilight. Ugh.

    Hunger Games was actually good though–I did put it off for a long time because i figured it would be like Twilight, but it’s good!

    Do people really flush the toilet while sitting on it???

    • I don’t know- do people really do any of the stuff described in Cosmo? I don’t really think so. and of course I didn’t unfriend you haha. happy birthday, see you in like an hour!

  6. I’m the same way with books and facebook got so bad for me that I just deleted it entirely last February. While I can’t always enter contests that I may want to, I definitely feel less burdened with worrying about everyone else. BAH.

  7. I’m the same way with books. The more popular it is, the more likely I’m going to avoid it. I only ever read the first Harry Potter because someone loaned it to me… if that hadn’t have happened I wouldn’t have read it. No plans to touch Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or The Hunger Games no matter how often they’re recommended to me… Though, I might if someone gave me a copy.

    • Argh! The new WordPress have to login thing is driving me batty! It keeps posting my WP url which I don’t use anymore and I can’t figure out where to change it (or even if I can…)

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