St. Patrick’s Day: Indy style

This is the lovely view from our balcony door on St. Patrick’s Day. The weather was absolutely perfect for an all-day drink-a-thon, and I had an amazing time and didn’t even black out even though I started drinking around 1pm. Waking up on St. Patrick’s Day was more exciting for me than waking up on Christmas morning–it’s one of the few holidays that actually becomes more fun the older you get, instead of losing its charm over the years.

This is the outfit that won the St. Patty’s Day attire contest at work. Well, actually it was a tie–the other dude had a gigantic glittery bow tie and a leprechaun top hat. I can’t compete with that.

Last year I didn’t do anything for St. Patrick’s Day because it was on a weekday, but since it happened to fall on a Saturday this year we decided to go all out, of course. Our friend Steiner came to visit for the weekend, and we hosted a party at our apartment (which was really more of a “shindig,” if we’re being honest). I made green eggs and ham and Thin Mint boozeshakes, and we drank beer on the balcony.


The Thin Mint booze shakes didn’t turn out as well as I wanted them to, but they were still pretty damn delicious. I couldn’t get the texture right–they were too thin, not milkshakey enough, you know? I’m going to pick up some whipped cream this week to top them off and make one more batch with the leftover Thin Mints I have. Erin will be posting the recipe on her blog soon, since I couldn’t get my shit together in time to contribute a guest post to her St. Patrick’s Day blog party. But, Erin and Anthony met up with me and my drunken friends at Plump’s in Broad Ripple, and we may have done a couple Irish car bombs together. It was a very fun but very long day.

This is a picture of Amy and me that she made me take with her in the bathroom at Plump’s. Keepin’ it classy.

I spilled honey mustard sauce on my shorts at Plump’s, but I didn’t injure myself OR break my sunglasses, so I consider the day a victory. Colin and I topped off the night with some West Coast Tacos and Insomnia Cookies, and we rounded out the weekend with a final brunch with Steiner–take out from Petite Chou.

All in all it was a weekend of excess, but I had a great time hanging out with Steiner and day drinking on our balcony and the deck at Plump’s. I’m still exhausted three days later, though–I feel like I’m still recuperating from a sugar hangover more than anything, after eating fifty million of the peanut butter pretzel snacks Amy made. Those will be making a reappearance in my life soon.

I hope that you had a great holiday. I’ll leave you with a tacky postcard that I bought in Ireland that I decided to dig out for the occasion:


One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day: Indy style

  1. You know, I’ve never celebrated a St. Patricks day! But this looks like a ton of fun, and I giggled at that poster at the end. Glad there were no injuries! I do call that winning. :)


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