Things I Love Thursday, vol. 12

Write a Bike

Gala Darling’s interviews with an escort and a stripper–this is fascinating stuff.

12 Strange Things About Goats. Goats can have accents?! Fascinating. Plus goats are way cute, as demonstrated below.

10 (real life) Mad Scientists

This galaxy shirt tutorial

The 26 Happiest Animals In the World

Miniature food art–it’s amazing how realistic these are, and they’re so tiny!

This baked potato bean bag chair is one of the most awesome and ingenious things I’ve ever seen. I want one.

I also really, really want these waffle sheets

The Earliest Appearances of Cookie Monster

This Harry Potter illustration by Angela Rizza

Tumblr is the greatest because there are so many awesome tumblogs out there, like this one dedicated entirely to pictures of breakfast food and this one where people share items from their bucket lists and this one with BABY ANIMALS

Look at this adorable duckling eating pizza!!

Graphic design by Clément G

Christine’s post about growing out of your favorite music

The Best-dressed Female Sitcom Characters of All Time by Molly McAleer

One of my managers at work just loaned me seasons 1 and 2 of Modern Family and I am obsessed. Have you seen this show, because if not, you need to watch it–the shit is hilarious. Phil is definitely my favorite character.

We’ve also been watching The Adventures of Pete & Pete lately at my apartment, which is one of the best/weirdest shows ever. And the cast just had a reunion in NYC–so bizarre.

I’ve been really neglecting this blog lately because I’ve been semi-obsessively working out and spending the rest of my spare time being incredibly lazy and either going out to eat or going out to drink. I recently discovered an amazing, locally-made Bloody Mary mix and an amazing, locally-owned brunch restaurant that have both been real game-changers.


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