Things I Love Thursday, vol. 11

These Scrabble letter pillows are awesome, but can I just say that those flower pictures are about the most unsexy thing I could think of to hang above your bed?

Hot Dog Sugar Cookies

Color Photos of Circus Performers in the 1940s and 50s

Michael Gladis & Beth Behrs do Videochat Karaoke. Funny and super cute.

The Northern Lights from space

Madeline’s 2011 video. I’m really impressed with the commitment and diligence it would take to make a video like this- it turned out so well! I want to make my own.

Barbie Tributes to Famous Works of Art

Zelda-themed prints. I would buy the Kakariko Village one right now if I had the slightest idea how much £12.00 was.

Dirty Car Art. Some of these are pretty impressive.

Breaking Bad RPG. So awesome, obviously.

365 Lucky Days. I especially like the Eternal Sunshine piece.

Kaylah’s beach trash post. Apparently she isn’t the only one to have this idea, because right after she posted her beach trash “collection” I saw this link on Laughing Squid for Mandy Barker’s ocean trash art installations. Strange but cool.

These friendly monster prints by Familytree. The yeti is so cute!

What Guys Think About the Hair Down There. I found this interesting because I think a lot of girls make incorrect assumptions about what guys want or expect to see below the belt.

Ten Days In a Madhouse: The Woman Who Got Herself Committed

The Sad Story of Elvis Presley’s Senior Prom. This is a strange story–it’s really hard to imagine Elvis being shy and refusing to dance.

Eugene Smith’s “Country Doctor” photo essay, 1948

Caitlin’s tattoo based on artwork by Jose Pulido. I want to buy everything in this shop.

Bath time for baby sloths! Adorable.

And speaking of sloths, I had to post this video of Kristen Bell’s “sloth meltdown.” I know it’s been all over the internet, but it’s still worth sharing. I have a lot more respect for Kristen Bell now that I know how much of a weirdo she is.

Recipe for a Weekend. This is really simple, good advice for a relaxing weekend.

I’m Not Okay With Chris Brown Performing At the Grammy’s and I’m Not Sure Why You Are. In reality, I’m pretty indifferent to the Grammy’s and to Chris Brown, but this whole thing really is messed up. Why don’t more people care that Chris Brown plead guilty to beating the crap out of his girlfriend?

The artwork of Brianna Ashby

The artwork of Valentina Ramos. I want to buy so much of her stuff.

And last but not least,

This illustration that I commissioned Erin to draw for Colin for Valentine’s Day. Zombies like pancakes, too.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday, vol. 11

  1. I loved so many of these links. I was thoroughly distracted from work, so thank you.
    Also, I love Kristen Bell, and I have loved her since Veronica Mars, but this just sealed the deal. The songify version of the video is pretty funny too.

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