Things I Love Thursday, vol. 9

100 Incredible Views Out of Airplane Windows

Ask a Mortician. Totally morbid, obviously, but I like morbid stuff, and I find these videos really interesting. via four-eyes rella. If you’re interested in macabre stuff like that, you can find more at The Order of the Good Death.

I really want this leaf necklace made from a recycled bike inner tube by Ivy & Em. also via four-eyes rella.

Awesome pictures from around the world

This super-easy-looking DIY art project. I’m not a big DIY person but this looks like something even I could handle.

This picture Gretchen took of the three-story Kurt Vonnegut mural in downtown Indianapolis. Apparently a lot of people on Tumblr like it too.

The Lives They Loved: the stories of ordinary people who died in 2011. via Just a Titch.

The 50 Best Animals Photos of 2011. This is definitely my favorite “best of 2011” list I’ve seen.

These really cute vintage salt and pepper shakers: retro TV and coat stand.

This gift bow tutorial on Mary Rebecca’s birthday blog party. So simple, and such a cool way to add a unique spin to gift wrapping.

I would love a print of this “Home Sweet Home” illustration by Alyssa Nassner. via Cupkay.

These pictures of Kelv-Helmz cloud formations.

These are pretty funny, and there’s a particularly hilarious one in the middle with a news story where a man pulled over for a DUI faced additional assault charges for farting on the cop. wtf lol

The Best Mug Shots of 2011. Some of these pictures and arrest stories are just fucking crazy.

7 Creepiest Abandoned Brothels Around the World

This American Life on Gossip. Gretchen and I listened to this on our way back from Ohio after Christmas and it was really fascinating. You can also read while you listen.

These “Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done” notebooks.

If Famous Writers Had Written Twilight

This picture of Kanzi roasting a marshmallow.

This playlist on 8tracks that my friend Lamar shared on Facebook. I particularly like the covers of “New Slang” by Iron Horse Bluegrass and “1901” by Birdy. I like cover songs a lot.


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