Things I Love Thursday, vol. 8

I like to google Rocko’s Modern Life a lot in my free time, and I come up with things like this awesome nail job and the sneakers from my last Thursday post.

This pizza sleeping bag. via The Dainty Squid.

These colorful ceilings.

A serial killer wrote me a letter. via Drink Your Juice.

The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011. via mental_floss.

Love this.

IMBOYCRAZY: reader submission: ‘my first blowjob’ I enjoyed this…it made me laugh, and it was interesting to have a guy’s honest perspective of the awkwardness of early sexual encounters.

LunchboxAwesome. Food art! So awesome.

This Breaking Bad t-shirt. Want.

I actually hate putting together puzzles, but I really love the designs on these Springbok puzzles that Nova posted.

These awesome socks from Ashi Dashi, via four eyes rella. I particularly like the pencil ones.

This makes me laugh really hard. That poor dog! via Motley Dogs.

Triptychs of Strangers by Adde Adesokan.

Discovered: The first habitable ‘Earth-like’ planet. Amazing.

When Apes Adopt Cats as Cuddly Pets. Adorable, and interesting. via mental_floss.

The Cure-All from Grilled Cheese Social. This is one of my favorite blogs ever because it’s all about grilled cheese. What a fantastic idea. My mouth is seriously watering for this “hangover cure” sandwich.

I love this print, and they happen to be giving them away for free today at TeeFury.

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