indiana indian summer

So, I moved to Indianapolis. Here’s the recap of the past few weeks, in list form, because I’m lazy.

  1. Saw The Cults fo free at Indy CD & Vinyl.
  2. Did a lot of thrifting (see below).
  3. Ate delicious Mexican food and white wine margaritas in Broad Ripple.
  4. Ate delicious bagel sandwiches at the Bagel Deli.
  5. Unpacked. Slowly but surely.
  6. Decorated the apartment (see below). Slowly but surely.
  7. Had an interview and managed to get the job. Better money than I was making at both of my past two jobs. Word.
  8. Drank with Amy and Lamar.
  9. Drank with Kirsten.
  10. Drank with Amber.
  11. Drank with neighborfriends at CDV.
  12. Went to the Children’s Museum and learned about poison dart frogs, the history of Barbie, and how to say “please pass the bread” in Aramaic.
  13. Saw The Lion King in 3D (my first 3D movie ever!). May or may not have teared up a couple of times.
  14. Found my new favorite brunch spot. I just wish they served Bloody Marys.
  15. Found my new favorite dive bar. I just wish they didn’t have smoking indoors.
  16. Watched a lot of episodes of The Wonder Years on Netflix with Gretchen.
  17. Watched a lot of 2 Broke Girls online with Gretchen. But on Tuesday instead of Monday, because we’re broke. Get it?
  18. Ate a lot of Qdoba, and even more sandwiches made on Gretchen’s sandwich press.
  19. Enjoyed whiskey cider and the lovely fall leaves from our balcony.
TOP LEFT: Hand-me-down flamingo mirror from my mom, previously from my grandparents’ house. TOP RIGHT: Roses by Vincent van Gogh, thrifted; my Buddha statue from Joey; bookshelf hand-crafted by my mom’s boyfriend, Greg; movies and books, duh. BOTTOM LEFT: Thrifted coffee mugs. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mine and Gretchen’s Guinness posters; hand-me-down corduroy couch from my parents.

LEFT: Hand-me-down end table from my dad; Gretchen’s Toaster Coasters; floor lamp from Goodwill; painting from roadside thrift (donated by Amy); Gretchen’s grandpa’s chair; Gretchen’s shroom scarf. RIGHT: Rainy Day With Titties, original artwork by Amy.
So far, so good.

4 thoughts on “indiana indian summer

  1. Glad to hear your settling in. I remember the Broad Ripple area, visited many times when the band made their way to Indianapolis. Remember their being a couple good places for bands, Birdy’s and The Melody Inn especially. Shameless request – if you’re interested in using your English education, I finally finished the book, and need an editor. If you’re game, let me know.

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