things I love thursday, vol. 5

Best Wedding Pictures EVER! Oh my god, these make me laugh so hard. If you look at nothing else from this post, look at this series of pictures- I promise they’re GREAT. I can’t even tell you how much I love them. via the mental_floss blog.

Adult Swim: America Loves Lists. Who doesn’t love lists? I particularly like Meg Griffin’s 10 Most Humiliating Moments.

What Does Love Mean? See How 4-8 Year Old Kids Describe Love. This is awesome, and I’m not even gonna lie, it made me cry a little.

I would kill for some of these patterned tights.

High School Fashions, 1969. These pictures are so cool, and I think it’s really interesting that you can tell how these styles influence what’s fashionable now. via The Dainty Squid.

Ben Heine’s Pencil Vs. Camera images. via the mental_floss blog.

Victorian Husbands and Wives. The nerd in me finds these really interesting. Old photographs are so creepy! How come no one ever smiles?! Or if they do smile they look like they want to kill me. also via the mental_floss blog.

This song is really cool, especially when you get to watch all the different instruments that combine together to make it cool. THANKS AMY!

The Mountain Goats and Craig Finn perform “This Year”. Two people whom I like a lot put this song onto respective mix CDs for me a long time ago. (Hint: they are both in this photo). It’s a great song, and seeing it performed by Craig Finn is just fun and awesome.

These cute photos of people laughing, and also Caragh Poh’s well-put explanations of why humor is important and why we shouldn’t be offended so easily.

My immediate reaction when I see this image is to think, “awww,” but upon further inspection I find it slightly unsettling and a bit grotesque. I think that’s why I like it, though. via Kaitlyn.

The Worst Songs of the Nineties. It’s too bad about 4 Non Blondes- I like that song! All the rest of these are pretty bad though. THANKS LAMAR.

Movie Clips That Make Me Eternally HungryThe Breakfast Club and Willy Wonka scenes are classic, but bonus points for the inclusion of Look Who’s Talking. Also, I’ve seriously been craving French toast for days because of the clip from 40 Year Old Virgin.

This video is so funny. I want a bulldog! via I’m Helping, which has tons of adorable pictures and videos of animals who like to “help,” including this one:

The Art of Clean Up. This really scratches my OCD itch. via the BoxxBlog.

The Spirited History of the American Bar. Love this. I’m a big fan of neighborhood dive bars, and I find this really interesting. via the mental_floss blog.

The Worldwide Leader. Insight on why ESPN sucks ass, even from the perspective of someone who actually likes sports. Colin is succinct and hilarious, and plus this post mentions me so of course I like it.

Be sure to check out Mary Rebecca’s blog linkup this week, where tons of cool blogs from around the world (including mine) are being featured.

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3 thoughts on “things I love thursday, vol. 5

  1. Hey Lynsey! You know, I never ever ever ever knew that Emma Stone’s hair was not naturally red until you told me! Whaaaaat?! Haha. Thanks for letting me know though. I totally watched that YT video too and I laughed so hard. Ginger junk. I love all of your links! You love such awesome things. The wedding/engagement pictures site is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing. ;)

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