when I’m not drinking

When I was in college, the only things I did that didn’t involve drinking were homework and going to class. Now that I’m an “adult,” I rarely drink, because I’ve found that I actually enjoy taking it easy on the weekends just as much as I enjoy getting rip roaring drunk. These are some things that I like to do on the weekend when I’m not drinking:

Comedy Central Presents

I used to watch standup comedy on Fridays all the time when I was in high school. Because um, I was a dork and I didn’t have a lot of friends or go out a lot. I remember specifically during my sophomore year that my two best friends and I would stay in and veg out a lot on weekends, watching standup comedy or our favorite movie, Freddy Got Fingered. I forgot that Comedy Central still showed standup every Friday until this weekend, when I was lucky enough to catch Rachel Feinstein, Nick Swardson, and Aziz Ansari- all completely hilarious.

Aziz does a couple of really great bits about his friendship with Kanye West. I couldn’t find videos of the actual standup, so watch this clip from David Letterman instead.

Aziz Ansari on Cold Stone Creamery as a symbol of American excess

Nick Swardson on old people (an oldie but a goodie)

"I'm a sloppy gal."

Rachel Feinstein on being harassed in the street

Rachel Feinstein on being overshadowed by her whorier friends


Trainor and I finally decided to check out the dollar theater that is pretty close to where she lives in Columbus, and I’m so glad we did. We saw Water for Elephants, which I wanted to see when it first came out but just never got around to it. It was so good! It made me laugh because the flashback setup really reminded me of Titanic, but luckily it wasn’t three hours long, and Robert Pattinson is even hotter than Leonardo DiCaprio (even though Leo’s a way better actor). It also has an awesome trained elephant.

Elephants love Robert Pattinson. And whiskey.

Other movies I’ve watched lately: Beauty & the Beast, Office Space, The Last Samurai, and The Addams Family. I’ve been watching too much TV, which also includes Sex & the City, but I won’t go there.

My local library

To balance out the inordinate amount of time I’ve spent sitting on my ass in front of the TV, I decided to take a trip to my local library to check out some new music and books. I have always loved the library, and I’m lucky to have a really nice library in my town. I’ve found a lot of great CDs there, and I ended up spending a majority of my trip there digging through the music rack, and I ended up taking home ten CDs. I got a few albums that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a while.

I've had this library card since I was about six, I think. Notice how I used to put a period at the end of my name like it was a statement.

I also put my name on the waiting list for Tina Fey’s new memoir, Bossypants. I had to make myself quit my bad book-buying habit because I already own way too many books that I’ve never read, so I’m making an effort to get through those. But the library is a great alternative for when I’m not feeling any of the books on my shelf.

The moral of the story, I guess, is that I’m still a dork.


2 thoughts on “when I’m not drinking

  1. My library card is also ancient. Instead of being the cream color that it should be, it has turned a funky yellowish color. And at least 75% of the time that I use it, the librarian mentions how old the card is. And my “signature” is oddly similar, though I wasn’t thoughtful enough to include a period.

    And I just finished Bossypants! Tina is just perfect. I laughed out loud several times. You’ll love it, I’m sure.

    Also, if you’re into Aziz, watch this video. HILARIOUS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp_wIZ1kVVg

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