things-I-love thursday, vol. 3

Melt Bar & Grilled. Holy fuck, I fucking love Melt. I’m getting horngry just thinking about this epic Macaroni Melt (with havarti and spinach) that I had on Saturday with Gretchen and Egg. More on that coming soon.

Summer concerts! In the past few weeks I’ve been to two shows at the LC Pavilion in Columbus- Sublime With Rome and Death Cab For Cutie with Frightened Rabbit. Probably more on this coming soon too.

1990s Nickelodeon Returns to the Airwaves. I want to watch every single episode of Are You Afraid Of the Dark? and Rocko’s Modern Life. And seriously, do you guys remember how weird and awesome Pete & Pete was? And how cool the theme song was?

This t-shirt that is on its way to me from Off Our Chests with some classic Oscar Wilde quotage.

The Great Wall of Vagina and the fact that I submitted this to Off Our Chests and they featured the email I sent them about why I think the project is brilliant. This project, by the way, is brilliant. A ballsy endeavor, if I do say so myself. Ha. Genital jokes.

High Minded: a column by Tess Lynch about how it’s okay to be a stoner.

Get it, girl. I love this show, and this clip, and speaking of Roseanne being a badass, I also love this article.

The Funniest Kids Test Answers. This made me laugh out loud. (via Pretty Girls Poop Too)

Literally the most misused word. I like this article because I’m a word nerd. And speaking of things that annoyed me about my old job, I used to argue with this kid at work all the time because he CONSTANTLY misused the word “literally” and it drove me insane. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is bothered by that.

eatsleepdraw. There is so much ridiculously good art on here, and it’s constantly being updated.

Mark Hoppus on Tumblr. I’ve always been pretty obsessed with blink 182, and Mark is one of my favorite people that I follow on Twitter because he’s just a funny guy. I think it’s awesome that he’s using Tumblr to interact with his fans and actually answer questions they have for him.

In that vein, blink 182 is back in action and they have a new single, which is awesome.

Bryan Cranston Brings Conan Delicious Meth. I know I already talked about how much I love Breaking Bad, but I have to share this video because it’s so amazing. It’s refreshing to see Bryan Cranston acting light-hearted and joking around with Conan seeing how dire and serious the fourth season has been so far.

60 Awesome Portraits of Gay Couples Just Married in New York State. This is so fucking awesome. Just look at those adorable grannies and TELL ME IT ISN’T AWESOME. (via Joe. My. God.) Wait…or are they grampses? I can’t tell. Whatever. THEY’RE AWESOME. I LOVE THEM.

And as always, four-eyes rella for inspiring me to do these things-I-love posts and for having a cool blog that I consistently enjoy reading and looking at.


One thought on “things-I-love thursday, vol. 3

  1. Thanks for the Roseanne clip, that about sums up dipshit supply-side conservative logic – you pay the taxes the corporations don’t want to at the low wages they’re willing to dole out.

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