things-I-love Thursday, vol. 2

Lately I am digging…

Breaking Bad. I am obsessed. And I never get into TV shows, but this show is just pure badassery.  I’m watching season 3 for the first time and am stoked for season 4 to start next month.

Misogynist Soup on HelloGiggles. And really, HelloGiggles in general.

These Converse Chuck Taylor sandals are one of the most ridiculous shoes I’ve ever seen…but I kinda want them.

Also, these Super Mario Brothers Converse are badass.

My friend Amy posted this video on Facebook and I think it’s so awesome because I always want to ask people what they’re listening to. I want to make my own version of this video in Columbus.

This video by Jenna Marbles called How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To. I also like What Boys Do On the Internet.

Tumblr! Everyone should have a Tumblr! I recently created the Dressed to Chill addendum, and I’m getting really addicted to the bite-sized blogging format. Gretchen just got a Tumblr, too, so you should check us out.

The Shatterboxx Blog. Nicole and Jamie post some amazing visual tidbits on there. I find a lot things I love on the internet from this blog. Also, I want Shatterboxx to design my blog…someday.

Salute Your Shorts – episode 2. My favorite episode! Do you remember how awesome Nickelodeon used to be in the 90s? If not, just watch this and you’ll know.

IMBOYCRAZY. This is my latest blog obsession. It’s what Trey would call a “sassy girl blog.” I like sassiness.

I’ve been listening to the song “Can You Tell” by Ra Ra Riot on repeat lately. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with it. I first heard it on the Memorial Day mix that my friend Amy made and gave to me when she visited me on my birthday.

In that vein, I just made a profile on 8tracks because it’s such a cool site and I want to share some of my mixes, but it won’t let me upload anything! Sad face.

ComFest in Columbus. If you can, go! And if you can, volunteer! It’s such a cool festival, with delicious food, free live music, unique shops and activism booths, and the best people watching I’ve ever encountered. They have a body painting booth and it’s normal to see girls walking around with their bare breasts painted…because apparently it is legal to go topless in Columbus.

I’m not going to ComFest this weekend because I’m going to a wedding with my friend Colin. Did I mention how much I hate getting dressed up? There will probably be a post soon where I bitch about that. Until then, check out other things I love.


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